Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Lecture 5 : Authentication & Access Control

::What is authentication ?

Verification of someone, that may have generated some data such as password, passport, signature or biometric.

::Tips of protection password :-

a) Do not let somebody have your password
b) Do not write your password anywhere, example in a piece of small paper.

::Tips of choosing good password :-

a) Use password hard to guess and easy to remember.
b) Not shorten from 6 characters and not in pattern of keyboard.
c) Using character and number.

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::Calculations on password

- Password population, N =rs
- Probability of guessing a password = 1/N
- Probability of success, P=nt/N

::Tips of guessing password

a) Try default password. (123456, abc123,tmadmin)
b) Try all short word. 1 -3 character
c) Use Dictionary word.
d) Collect information about user's.
e) Try phone number, NRIC number.

::What is Biometrics ?

Biometrics is a measurement of statistical analysis of biological data (unique)
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::List of biometric method :-

a) Vein recognition
b) Palm print
c) Gait Reconition (Gaya berjalan)
d) Body odour
e) Ear shape
f) DNA
g) Keystroke dynamic
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:: Static VS Dynamic Biometric Method

Static - authentication based on feature that is always present. (retina, fingerprint)
Dynamic - Authentication based on a certain behaviour pattern.(keystroke.signature)